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This letter is to give my strongest recommendation of Mr. Richard Wynn.

Mr. Wynn provided his constant support during a very difficult time in my family's life. My father was facing criminal charges, but Mr. Wynn's belief in my father throughout the whole ordeal gave us great comfort and confidence.

Mr. Wynn was extremely professional, stayed on top of things, and got the job done. My family is extremely grateful for his services, and I cannot possible thank him enough. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a talented and skilled attorney.


Ernestina V.


Dear Richard,

Thank you for the terrific job you did negotiating my recent criminal case. While other attorneys wanted to immediately plea bargain the case, despite my complete innocence, you took the time to understand the circumstances and explain alternative approaches.

Three factors in your approach made the real difference:
  1. Your knowledge of the law and understanding of how the prosecutor would be required to make his case to a judge and jury.
  2. Your access to and familiarity with the judges and prosecutores that would ultimately determine if and how the case would be prosecuted.
  3. Your hands-on work to investigate the plaintiff and related evidence, or in my case, lack of evidence.
As a result of your work, the case was dismissed and my record remains clear of any criminal charges.

I will definitely use your service again if required and I will confidently recommend you to anyone else who needs help in this area.

With great thanks and best regards,

John B.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I am writing to thank you for helping me receive a reduced sentence in my recent court case. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to avoid jail time and was convicted of a lesser crime. I was also able to attend important school events because you appeared in court for me. I have promised that I will not need your services again in the future, but when I needed help you were able to provide it. Thanks again.


Michael K.


Dear Richard Wynn,

I want to thank you for helping in my time of most need. You truly rescued me from something that seemed unsolvable.

My case seemed too difficult to repair because of the mess done by a lawyer I had before. However, with full confidence, from the very beginning, you knew what you had to do. I trusted your approach and just like you said you fought hard at the court until you got the result we all wanted.

I love to play baseball and I can't help but to think about you like if you were a relief pitcher that saved my most important game just in time. Thank you Richard Wynn. I appreciate all your hard work and I am grateful. I do feel that I learned my lesson and want to stay out of trouble from now on.


David M.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

This letter is in reference to the service I received from you. People like me don't normally associate with Attorneys until our life is in turmoil. As you can imagine when I contacted you my life was upside down. I didn't know what to expect or how I would be treated. My son, a straight "A" student, made a terrible mistake and was in trouble with the law.

When we first met, you made us feel comfortable. You were very patient and allowed us time to voice our concerns and opinions, even if they didn't make sense. You called me back every time I called you and even gave me your personal cell phone number. While your fee was very reasonable, I was having financial troubles and thankfully you allowed us to make payment plans. You got my son a good deal; he diddn't have to do any jail time! I just want you to know that I noticed and I appreciate your good, honest work. I also want you to know that I will keep your card, I will give out your card, and I will let others in need of your service know about you.


Estella M.


To Lawyer Richard Wynn

Estimado abogado Richard de la manera mas atenta quiero agradecerle a usted por su profecionalismo; pues gracias a ello los cargos que en mi pesaban (DUI). Han sido retireados, y puedo resqirar tranquilo al sentirme libre y no tener qui Temerle mas a la policia. Temerle mas a la policia.

Asi mismo yo lo recomendare con familiares y amigos en el future.

GRACIAS, Abogado Richard Wynn

Juan Martin V.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I am writing to thank you for the legal advice last February regarding the appeal on my driver license suspension. I was facing a six-month suspension for accuring four points in twelve months, and I won my appeal using the information you provided. I was able to cite the specific vehicle code that takes into account the number of miles driven as a mitigating circumstance, and I was able to cite the code that allows me to request a provisional license during the suspension.

The traffic magistrate agreed with your assertion that this was an unusual situation that did not require any disciplinary action, and he removed the entire suspension from my record. I have no transportation to rely on other than my own car, and this outcome will allow me to continue working full-time and living my life without making significant changes. Thank you for the good advice and I will recommend you to my friends.


Mike K.



I was lucky man to be able to retain Mr. Richard Wynn from the WYNN LAW GROUP as my lawyer to defend me to get this case dismissed in two Court appearances only. On 5/11/09, the first court appearance for arraignment, the District Attorney offered me 120 days in County Jail and one Strike. Mr. Richard Wynn said no and requested the Judge for the preliminary on 05/26/09.


Mr. Richard Wynn is a Goliath of Trial Lawyer, his knowledge and experiences are second to none. His work ethic is excellent, he gets to the points and tell you up front that we will have a chance to win or not. He has excellent staff including investigators to prepare the case in detail and go out for the WINS in the Court.


Sam U.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

We would like to thank you for representing our daughter in her case. We are very thankful for your help in seeing that our daughter was cleared of all charges. We highly recommend your expertise and knowledge to anyone in need of your legal services. Thank you for all your help.


Pete A.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

Just wanted to write and tell you thank you for doing such a good job at my parole hearing and all your hard work towards my case.

Also you're a good guy and seem to care if people do good or not which is rare in our day and time. I do plan on getting my life together, my family back and drugs and crime out of my life for good. I'm still trying to get to a prison that has a S.A.T. program.

Thank you for everything.

Martin W. Jr.


Dear Richard Wynn and Associates,

This letter comes from thankful hearts for all of your wisdom, hard work and dedication to our family as well as, the testimony of TRUTH that indeed: "With God all things are possible."

You have not only been a great Attorney but a great friend that God has used to restore our faith and family. Through our faith and prayer and Richard Wynn & and Associates, God has restored what man alone could not.

We have a God of second chances. He has not only restored us but he recycles our failures, using them for his purposes. And for this, we will always be truly thankful!

Steven E. & family.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I want to thank you for your legal services and personal advice. My family and I are going through a rough time financially and you were kind enough to accept monthly payments. I know that without you on my side in court; they would have thrown the book at me. I am forever in your debt.

Rose made a lot of phone calls to different attorney offices where they asked us to leave a message and a little detail of the charges, but we never received any returned calls. Mr. Wynn, you personally returned my phone call within 30 minutes. I knew right then and there you were the attorney I wanted to hire. I want to thank Mr. Wynn and everyone at Wynn Law Group for their help. You are very professional and courteous; that makes an average Joe feels every comfortable.

F. Guzman


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I'd like to thank you for all that you have done to help me. I have tried very hard for two years to stay out of trouble but as we both know here I'm again. Mr. Wynn in the past you did things for me in other cases that people just find real hard to believe. This thank you letter has been well over due. Sorry for my procastination. I truly am greatful of having met you and you Bless. So I was waiting to be called for court and somebody saw my paper with your name on it, yeah! You were the top topic. Well, long story short, I guess your track record is top notch because your NICKNAME'S (HT Lawyer) so I just thought you would like to know your name is real good inside jail. People speak well of you. Well, as you have always good to me; I would like you to please help a friend as you can his name is ............ at (TLF).

I know you'll do your Best.

Thanks again.

Ruben M. Jr.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

It is always good to know you're doing a superior job by helping someone. Nowadays, everyone has such a busy schedules that they never actually get around to telling that person thank you. Well, we took time out of our busy day to give credit where it's due. We just wanted to send a quick note and thank you for helping us. The patience and professionalism you've exhibited is tremendously appreciated.

We prayed that God would give us the wisdom to choose an attorney that was capable of handling this legal matter competently and diligently. Our prayers were answered when we hired you. We were treated with courtesy and consideration at all times.

The type of quality you have is very rare. It is people like you that provide outstanding service and that give you that competitive edge that so many other Law Firms strive for! We would recommend you to all that inquire! Keep up the good work!

Cass H.


Mr. Richard Wynn was represented me on a very sensitive matter and was completely successful in resolving the matter. Mr. Wynn had my charges dismissed and I had no penalties to pay or any other type of punishment.

He maintained an open dialogue and I was continually updated and kept informed on strategies or new developments. On the occassions where I had to contact him he responded in a very timely matter and put my questions and concerns at ease.

He has my complete confidence and would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation. It's not that I ever will be in this type of situation again, but in the event that I may need council in the future; I would not look for any attorney, but Mr. Wynn for his legal services.

Because of his professionalism and genuine caring we have become personal friends as well.

Michael T.


Mr. Wynn and associates,

On the behalf of my husband and I, we would like to take the time out and say thank you very much for all of your hard work, dedication, and perserverance towards our cases. I especially would like to say special thanks for your consistency.

Your firm has proven to be more than professional and friendly. Again, I thank you all for helping and assisting my family and me in our time of need. May God bless you all in success and every positive thing you set out to achieve. May your law firm has much success and happiness in years to come.

The Hopson Family


Dear Friends:

Yes, I said "Friends" I am sending this letter to Thank You so much for helping me through the difficult legal problem I recently had. I know the outcome would have been a lot different should I have put my trust in someone else.

Looking back, I know I sometimes felt uncertain as to my future and the outcome of my case, and fear will do that to a person, but you were always there for me. During those uneasy times you gave me support, reassurance and made me feel secure in the options and decisions you were working out in my behalf. I knew you truly had my best interest as your priority.

I had received many advertisements from legal firms offering their services, and I did call a couple of them, but there was something missing for me when I ended that initial consultation. When I spoke to you for the first time Richard, I came away with the feeling that you felt as bad for me, as I was feeling for myself. You expressed interest, concern, and compassion and yet kept everything on the "legal field of play". I knew the worst that could happen, the best that was possible, and everything in between. I felt safe. And your professional fee was something I could afford which also helped in my choosing your group to represent me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for working on my case, and getting the results that have relieved the burden I was carrying for so long. I know God is in your hearts and I will keep you both in my prayers always.

Yours sincerely,

Susan G.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I would like to thank you for all that you have done to help me. I have tried very hard for two years to stay out of trouble but as we both know here I'm again. Mr. Wynn in the past you did things for me in other cases that people just find real hard to believe. I'm truly greatful of having met you and you are Bless.

Thanks again

Ruben M.


Dear Mr. Wynn,

I want to thank you for such a fine job you guy did. I couldn't pick a better lawyer.

Thank you very much.

Ida M.


Dear Richard,

How do I thank someone who took the time to listen to what you had to say, felt my concerns as a mother and went out of his way to handle my case and put my mind at ease?

A lawyer that feels the small cases are just as important as the big ones, someone that returned my phone calls and worked with me financially.

A lawyer that when all was said and done was more like a friend than a lawyer.

I am so thankful that God led me to such a caring, comppasionate lawyer as yourself. I can't say enough good things about you.

Thank you for being the special perosn you were meant to be.

Shelly and Joey


Dear Richard Wynn,

We are truly blessed that you have entered our lives to see us through our time in need.

Thank you and God Bless.

L., L., J. and M.


People vs. D. Hunter:"Thank you for saving my grandson's life."

Grandma hired our firm to represent Mr. Hunter who was involved in a gang drive-by shooting. After early intervention with the police released from the One Million Dollars Bail.


Mr. J.A. charged with lewd act with a minor over 5 months with witnesses and a confession statement from Mr. J.A.. Result 32 days time served with a sex program, and no registration based on the Lynch Motion.


People vs. S.R.: "I want to thank you for everything you did for me."?

Mr. S.R. charged with sexually assaulting & raping mentally handicapped patients in a mental institution. Judge wanted Mr. S.R. to receive a minimum of 16 years. Client received 4 years along with a treatment program.


People vs. Garibay, A.: "You are the Best Trial Lawyer. I recommend you to everyone."

Mr. Garibay is a self admitted gang member at the age of 13, has four prior strikes, been in state prison with numerous parole violations along with an attempted murder conviction as a juvenile. Prosecutor wanted 25 to life. Juror found Mr. Garibay not guilty of all gang enhancements & active gang membership, and return a guilty for gun/ammunition possession only. The court strikes out the prior strikes under our Romero's motion.


People vs. Hernandez. R: "I was accused of a domestic violence. I was very pleased to hire Richard Wynn as my lawyer."

"Charges never filed, because I hired him early. Richard immediately started to work on my case. Thank you for all your hard work!"
Mr. Hernandez was accused of domestic violence and while still in jail called Wynn Law Group.


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